drunken girlfriend

Sure, I know what you must be thinking, how does a man like me score a hot girlfriend like this?

She is hot isn’t she? But she’s not really my girlfriend. She’s just some chica I picked-up at a party. The other girls were calling her Sidosa – whatever that means.

I haven’t heard anything from her since I snapped this picture. I sure hope she’s OK. Maybe I should go in there and see what’s up.

I don’t know, Latinas are so hard to read. I’d hate to bother her and foul the mood. She promised to let me videotape her having sex.

She’s probably just washing the vomit out of her sweater and re-applying lipstick. You know how anal these Latinas are about their hygiene. And they get so freakin’ testy when they think they’re being rushed.

Not that any of it matters. I popped 2 Viagra, and I plan of doing her from behind. Tonight she could look like a burro and I wouldn’t care.

Anyone know how long I’m supposed to wait to sex up a girl after she vomits? Is it one hour? Or two? I’d hate for the poor dear to cramp up.

I swear, it sounded like she was giving birth to a walrus in there. I hope she’s not too tired from all the retching and crying to stay awake. I hate it when they just lay there slobbering with their eyes shut.

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9 Responses to “My Girl is Sick – Must I Wait For Sex?”

  1. 1 tmc55 Says:

    Did you lick the vomit from her pubic hair…man you are a freaking sick bastard.hehehe

  2. 2 gringo with panameña Says:


    I just stumbled upon your website. Quite hilarious! And I can confirm all the great things you say about Panama. I started visiting Panama in the mid-90’s, and later lived there for a few years (it sounds like I left right before you got there), and I go back every chance I get. I even brought a Panameña back home to the States with me!!

    One comment, and one question:

    1) I hate to be a wet blanket on your story here, but “sidosa” is not a good thing to hear someone call someone you’ve had sex with….sidosa….sida….sida in English is AIDS….depending on the context in which they were calling her sidosa, either she’s got AIDS or they may have been joking that she may get it with you. Hopefully, it’s the second one.

    2) I’m getting back to Panama after more than a year for the first time over the holidays. Christmas and New Year’s are always big party times there–any recommendations? Is there any information out yet about which bars are doing what during those days, or is it still too early yet?


  3. 3 Cojito Says:

    haha thanks. i’m on the road at the moment. i left Panama 3 days ago. and i’m in Arizona right now.

    yeah, I know Sida means aids. it was a joking reference to a native the locals have dubbed Sidosa because she’s banging everyone in town. lol i’ve been trying to work that name into a story for a long time.

    not sure about x-mas/new year’s parties. but there are always lots of fireworks and booze wherever you go.

  4. 4 gringo with panameña Says:

    Based on your writing style, I originally thought it was a joking reference, but then seeing that many of your readers may not be Spanish-proficient, I began to wonder, and figured…better safe than infected…

  5. 5 Katerina Says:

    Hey, I was surfing, i am a Panamenian girl, look like you guys are the kind of guys that used to go to different disco, places to see naked women, anyways there are many good very loyal, thoughtful, clean and understanding, college education, so what you get and see and know depend of the places you used to go and visit to have fun. About that girl, man SIDA means SIDA but darling i am sure u didnt know why were those ppl calling that girl SIDOSA, but you was just thinking about having fun “sexxx” with her so what the…haha , guys be careful cuz Panama is full of Colombian girl , i can tell you they are really very super smart they go back of what they want no matter how, colombian girls are always blonde, big ass, big tits, big lips, they always look sexy, why they always look wow? because they come to Panama find job in bar, work dancing for guys in this places they make good and big money so they keep update with fissically, be carefull, u guys dont speak the language but you think u all are smart just because you “have the dollar” “the money” thats not all…Bye and good luck.

  6. 6 Cojito Says:

    😀 thanks Katerina. i hope you didn’t take offense. you do know this is a satirical web-zine?

    i agree with what you say. i think the women of Panama are wonderful.

    BTW – i do speak spanish, i did know why they were calling her Sidosa, and i didn’t have sex with her.

    and i really don’t think i’m all that smart.

  7. 7 Katerina Says:

    Hi Cojito, No i didnt feel offended but I just want to tell you some litle things that you must know maybe, and just wanted to tell you know that there are many good girls in Panama, am sure you know it, did you ever went to Las Tablas, Santiago or Penonome for the carnavals? maybe you did, you know a lot about Panama, i hear that in Panama we have about 65,000 gringos. Is good and am glad to heard that, I think most of you guys are very nice sweet and gentleman, but if i heard someone talking something wrong about US Panama, I always try to take you out of the confussion…Bye.

  8. 8 billy Says:


    You are a funny fucker, I like that.

    Hump her brains out.

  9. 9 Cojito Says:

    thanks billy. can do.


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