asian girl with Hummer

Is it really so hard to resist an Asian salesgirl in a bikini?

I just got back from Phoenix Arizona. I was shocked to see so many people still driving gas-guzzling SUV’s and Hummers.

There’s a reason I don’t drive a Hummer down here in Panama. It has nothing to do with the crazy 35K price tag, caring about the world’s dwindling resources, or the high cost of oil. I don’t drive Hummers because I don’t want everyone in the world to think I have a small penis.

The Japanese are rumored to have under-sized genitalia. But you’d wouldn’t know it by the cars they drive. They stick with motos and fuel-efficient compacts.

electric eel powers christmas tree

I didn’t see many Toyota hybrids tooling around Sun City. But I did run across an odd story about a Japanese aquarium using an electric eel to energize their Christmas lights.

You’ve got to admire the ingenuity of the Japanese people. The eel’s handlers claim that every time the eel touches a copper wire he gives off a shock and the x-mas lights come on.


While the average American will be wearing baggier clothes, and needing heavy-duty cable to handle all the juice running through the baby Jesus, the Japanese have invented Bikini Jeans, and harnessed the eel; just in time for Christmas.

Japan 2, America 0

On the net – Mainichi Daily News

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3 Responses to “An eel powered Christmas”

  1. 1 Tman Says:

    i just hope we dont see too many of our heffer gringas wearing these bikini jeans. but i sure like the idea of them on some of my favorite colombianas….especially a pair of white ones…

  2. 2 tmc55 Says:

    Hummer’s and electric eel’s ….what acid trip were you on when you wrote this. too much drinking and tooling around sun city is messing with your head.

  3. 3 Cojito Says:

    heh, i must be having flashbacks from the 70’s


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