I know what you’re thinking. A baby vs a cobra? For real?

Don’t worry. This won’t be like WWF wrestling, or your girlfriend’s orgasms. We’ve got the real deal, an actual video of a baby taking on a deadly cobra. Which, as any sportsman knows, is the classic match-up of grappler vs striker.

Some of you might be tempted to lay down a bet on the poisonous serpent. After all, he’s killed or blinded all his previous opponents. And it’s doubtful anyone’s got anti-venom in that filthy little village.

Careful. That’s a sucker’s bet. The baby’s mother tells us the infant is fit, well trained, and already grappling like a 3 yr old. She says the whelp’s looking particularly pugnacious since his father drowned in the Ganges.

Even more ominous are rumors the snake broke training to party with Paris Hilton last night. That bitch could suck the life out of anything. We strongly advise our readers to take the baby and the points.

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