“Cojito, there’s an important election in the U.S. and you’re still writing sexist porn. Have you gone crazy?” Mary H.

Sexy donkey

Mary, a very good question. I do seem to write a lot about sex, donkeys and strippers. Does that make me crazy? Probably.

While I don’t think sex is in any way demeaning, or men’s interest in the female form is in any way abnormal, I probably should post something that portrays donkeys in a more positive light. And I would. But I think it’s a sign of weakness to cater to the whims of the general public.

That’s because the vast majority of Americans are idiots Mary. How else do we explain the national embarrassment known as George Bush? You mention the election. At the moment voters are angry with the Bush administration. As if America’s problems were his fault and not ours.

We’re the one’s who voted Forest Gump into office. We’re the ones ignorant of the outside world. Most Americans believe in ghosts, gods, astrology, and creationism. So it’s not surprising we get herded about like scared sheep. And you know what happens to sheep Mary. They get sheared, slaughtered or fucked.

So Mary, unless you’re willing to send in naked pics of your tight ass and perky teets, or overhaul the educational system in the U.S., I’ll continue to post what I like. And you, and the rest of America’s sexually repressed idiots can go fuck yourselves.

Hope that helps – Cojito 😀

Gnarls Barkley is the coolest.

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