dandy in the underworld
When we last heard from freaky Brit Sebastian Horsley, he was getting crucified somewhere in the Philippines. But last week the junky artist turned tell-all writer rose from the dead, then tried to slip past U.S. border patrol agents on his way into New Jersey.

Big mistake. We have very high standards in the U.S., particularly in the Garden State. And unless you’re here to pick fruit, work at Home Depot, or act in Border Bangers porn flicks we don’t want you here.

Border Bangers

At an 8 hour hearing with heroic customs officials, Horsely claimed it was all an innocent mistake, that he’s clean and sober, and only in town to promote his book “Dandy in the Underworld.”

“We know you’re a heroin addict, we know you’re a crack addict, we know you’re involved in prostitution,” an official said before rejecting his entry into the U.S. on the grounds of “moral turpitude.”

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