It’s no secret average men buy flash cars to impress hot girls. Truth is, without sex as an incentive, we’d all be tooling around in rusty pickups. But the price of oil is making even the most sex-crazed male re-think his rig.

The Aptera website claims a hybrid version of their electric 3 wheeled car has gotten over 300 mpg. That’s a smidge better than the 9 mpg pussy wagon Hummer. Although the Hummer does come with a thoughtful $10k tax break.

The Aptera even looks kinda sexy, in a someone pulled the wings and propeller off a Piper Cub kind of way. It sells for a modest 30k. That should leave fat, balding, single men enough cash for a stylish hairpiece, and membership to a good gym.

On the net – Aptera

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