1978 was a very good year. That was the year I smoked my 3000th blunt, and the year Asian goddess Teanna Kai was born. History doesn’t tell us whether frankincense, myrrh, or Astroglide was left at her crib. But like any deity raised by strict parents Teanna quickly got into bi-sexual porn and nude modeling.

bisexual Teanna KaiTeanna was the Penthouse Pet of the month in 2001. And she even won an AVN award in 2004 for “Best All-Girl Sex Scene,” a tryst so hot that it almost melted my penis.

I just finished reading an interview with Teanna Kai. I think all the adoration’s gone to her head. Teanna says she has “morals,” and won’t do boy/girl porn films. She says she only dates hot guys, tells them up-front she only likes sex “once in awhile,” doesn’t do anal, and if “they don’t like it – bye bye.”

And she thinks her fans “respect” her for it.

On the Net – Xtreme Magazine Teanna Kai Video

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  2. 2 drug male impotence Says:

    Please teach the rest of these internet hooligans how to write and research!


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