Iceberg Lettuce SafeThese are dangerous and uncertain times. Who can we trust? Is that man really in our home to worm the cat? Or is he a desperate junkie, or worse, a DEA agent looking for our stash?

Good news. Research shows that a criminal will only spend an average of 8 minutes robbing our home. Studies also confirm that Americans (particularly the federal and local authorities) are fat, and won’t go near anything that’s not fried, salted, breaded, or dipped in sugar.

So the clever lads at Bim bam banana have created something called “The Iceberg Safe.” Inside this plump head of Iceberg lettuce is a hidden compartment. Just load it up with swag, or the weed of your choice, and drop it into the crisper with all the other veggies you intend to eat but never will.

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