Sharon Stone toplessLast week elderly Sharon Stone, (pictured here watering her dusty cooze), sounded just like a bad televangelist, when she claimed the recent earthquake in China was probably due to bad “karma.”

“This earthquake and all this stuff happened,” Stone said, “and then I thought, is that karma? When you’re not nice bad things happen to you.”

Stone’s theory goes something like this: If China treated the Tibetans, and her buddy the Dali Lama better, then they wouldn’t have 65000 dead rotting under all that concrete.

You know I heard the same kind of thing about Aids, Hurricane Katrina, and 9/11.

Naturally Stone’s comments triggered an angry response. China’s largest cinema owner has vowed to boycott Sharon Stone films. Leaving many Asians visibly relieved. Basic Instinct 2 was shown in China recently and had audiences fleeing theaters in terror.

“I can forgive silly comment,” said Wang Li, “but I never get over Sharon Stone flashing old vagina. When she young, Sharon Stone hot. She could say, do anything. But now Sharon Stone old. She should keep clothes on, and shut fuck up.”

On the net – Hollywood Reporter

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