Bunnies of LondonBunnies of London bills itself as the cream of the English escort scene. And when you consider that England is ripe with tarts who’ll screw you out of your last dollar, that’s really saying something.

$404 gets you an hour with Harriet, a “brand new” bunny. Don’t worry, Harriet may be green, but she’s eager to be violated by your filthy little penis. According to Bunnies of London management these girls are chosen because they “want & enjoy” being whores.

Want to see Harriet’s O face over kippers, toast and jam? That’ll cost you $2020. Let’s do the math: 6-10 minutes of sex, followed by a little late night TV, 7 hours of sleep, breakfast, and a $2k paycheck. When you think on it, it’s surprising more women don’t choose to become Bunnies of London.

Harriet may be new to the escort scene, but Phillip calls her “Efficient and polite.” She’s “Unbelievable,” Tony gushes. And Dave calls Harriet, “A joy. She made me feel welcome to do whatever I pleased. So I chopped her up, and mailed her bloody bits to the folks back in Kensington.

Hot tip – Before Harriet met up with Dave she enjoyed red wine, sensual sex, Chanel Allure perfume and breathing.

Editors note: No escorts were hurt in the creation of this article

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