Max Hardcore GuiltyTampa Fla. – This week a jury of 12 happy idiots found Max Hardcore (aka Paul Little) guilty of 10 counts of distributing obscene materials over the internet and mail. Each count carries a maximum penalty of five years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine

If you don’t know Max, he’s a pornographer. Some might call him a monster. And he’s fond of brutalizing and humiliating tiny young women dressed up as little school girls.

His MO is verbal abuse, violent throat and anal fucking. According to one of his cameramen, half of Max’s sex scenes end up with girls either crying, bleeding or vomiting. Sometimes it’s right there on film.

Yet none of the girls have sued. They’re all paid, and know what Max is about, long before they ever climb into the ring with him. So why do they? The money’s not that great. There’s no foreplay. Max doesn’t kiss, give oral or suckle teats. The only one coming in a Max Hardcore film is Max.

The truth is, many of us like a little pain with our pleasure. And the interweb’s crawling with submissives looking for someone like Max. For critics Max is a brutal misogynist. Maybe. But sometimes it takes a cruel man to make the masochist’s dreams come true.

max hardcore cherry poppersI don’t just mean the performers, I mean the audience for this popular niche. This resonates with people. And it’s not about hating, it’s about power, pain, humiliation and the pleasure and release that springs from that.

No doubt Max is out there. He smears cum and saliva on pretty girl’s faces. He chokes them with his dick until they puke. He’s even torn up an asshole or two. But hey, this is 2008, and these are consenting adults.

To paraphrase Larry Flynt …

Murder is illegal. Take a picture of a man killing another man and they’ll put you on the cover of Newsweek. You might even win a Pulitzer. Either that, or it’ll become an episode of CSI.

Sex on the other hand is perfectly legal. Sex is good. Everybody’s having sex. But take a picture of a couple fucking, and some people want to put you in jail.

What the fuck is up with that?

On the Net – Tampa Bay Online

And for those of you who think Max is out there. Here’s some Japan porn.

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4 Responses to “Max Hardcore Finally Goes Down”

  1. 1 Jayceon Says:

    Fuck max i hope he burns in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2 Rickyboy Says:

    Max is a hero. How can the free world prosecute anyone for filming sex with women? Really it’s what women were put here on earth for,…for men to have sex with. Why else do they have holes between their legs? It’s the only real purpose they have, to spread their legs for men, copulate and at some point maybe reproduce? Sex is fun, especially anal, Max’s specialty. All the women were paid,…it was all consensual, all his female stars were filmed because they agreed. So what is the problem? The way I see it, some people have a need to project their inadequacies on others, and just because they don’t know how to enjoy the most basic instincts they need to prevent others from doing so too. Max shouldn’t be penalized for having a hard dick for sweet ass,…what a joke.

  3. 3 KipkeZ Says:

    ¡¡¡¡Max for President!!!!!

  4. 4 Tommy Cody Says:

    Fuck Max,
    Anyone in the real world knows that these girls have issues. They are NOT going to risk stopping the movie halfway through because they need the money for crank. It doesnt make it right for some old mofo with a small dick to take it out on them because his daddy made him blow him. He has some serious issues, probably used to torture frogs as a kid too. Anyone who has a mother, sister daughter etc would see this shit as unacceptable. I hope big tyrone is giving it to him in the ass right now, ahhh sweet justice in America!
    Fuck you Max, I hope you never run into me, because what you are for raping teen girls, I am to beating people like you until it just bores me. Its a red and white world ya prick.


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