X Ray SpecsWhen I was a wee lad I sent away for X-ray Specs, the kind of glasses popular with gullible pre-pubescent boys. I’d found the ad in the back of comic book, and I was desperate enough to think they’d work.

After all, we’d split the atom and put a man on the Moon. Surely developing a pair of $1 glasses to peer through women’s clothing was not beyond our grasp. I remember how excited I was when they arrived. How I made sure not to look at my mom as I ran out into the street.

Thanks to X-ray Specs girls would remain a mystery awhile longer. Oh, I tried to make them work. I tried so hard that I ended up with a migraine and double vision. And I learned an important lesson that day: adults are lying cunts.

See them nakedSince then I’ve been married, divorced, had several live in girl friends, hookers, strippers, downloaded a couple of billion JPGs of free internet porn, and developed a drinking problem. In other words, I’ve matured. Still, when I see someone new, I wonder.

Today I found a site for people like me. It takes regular women, the kind you might meet at the liquor store, or standing in line to buy lottery tickets, and it let’s you strip them naked with the click of a mouse. Another click and they turn around so you can check out their backsides.

OK, this site doesn’t have the same potential to crush child-like innocence as the X-rays specs. But at least it doesn’t give you a headache.

On the net – The Ladies Lineup

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2 Responses to “Never Seen Before!”

  1. 1 Mother Theresa Says:

    Hey, do they have one of those sites with guys? I mean it’s only fair that we girls have our share of the fun. 😉

  2. 2 unneceesary post Says:

    This is the greatest idea ever. Give this man a raise.


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