Chhom Nimol of Dengue FeverIt’s been reported the feds tried to deport Chhom Nimol the sexy lead singer of Dengue Fever. It appears they thought Nimol was a Mexican who’d overstayed her visa.

It happens in America. One day you’re a hardworking Asian. The next a lazy Mexican. Nimol, a Cambodian immigrant, spent 22 days in detention.

“Jail was scary,” Nimol told L.A. Beat. “I was feeling afraid I was going to be sent back to my country.”

I’m on record as being against deporting Asian women. Put them to work in brothels. Then after five years, or whenever they start to look played, they can have their precious green cards. But deportation?

Hey, we’re not savages over here.

The American government’s received some criticism for rounding up and deporting illegal aliens. But I think its tolerable as long as the feds are absolutely sure the immigrant’s Mexican, and not an Asian hottie.

Really, who hasn’t wanted to deport a Mexican? I know I have. After getting a scorched colon over at Taco Bell yesterday I wanted to deport everyone in the damn restaurant.

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Dengue Fever Check out the clip below. Interesting music. Nimol sings vintage pop in Khmer and English. While Khmer purists will probably whine that the Vietnam war era sounds of Sinn Sisamouth (rumored to have died in a Khmer Rouge labor camp) have been bastardized, we say fuck ’em. Just be happy any of Cambodia’s music survived Pol Pot.

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