Chhom Nimol of Dengue FeverIt’s been reported the feds tried to deport Chhom Nimol the sexy lead singer of Dengue Fever. It appears they thought Nimol was a Mexican who’d overstayed her visa.

It happens in America. One day you’re a hardworking Asian. The next a lazy Mexican. Nimol, a Cambodian immigrant, spent 22 days in detention.

“Jail was scary,” Nimol told L.A. Beat. “I was feeling afraid I was going to be sent back to my country.”

I’m on record as being against deporting Asian women. Put them to work in brothels. Then after five years, or whenever they start to look played, they can have their precious green cards. But deportation?

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silver ball scratcherAmericans have been scratching their testicles the same way since George Washington battled the Minotaur. Not the English. They’ve made a startling leap past their knuckle-dragging cousins with the help of something called “The Gentleman’s Ball Scratcher.”

Don’t be intimidated by the title. This device is deceptively easy to use. Even for Americans. It’s designed to mimic the knowing palm of an Asian concubine. You just slip it into your pants and have at it. You won’t even need to put down your Beefeater and tonic.

You have to admire the English. They’re so cultured and refined. So effete, they even refuse to go down on their women. It’s said they employ Frenchmen for that.

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Sharon Stone toplessLast week elderly Sharon Stone, (pictured here watering her dusty cooze), sounded just like a bad televangelist, when she claimed the recent earthquake in China was probably due to bad “karma.”

“This earthquake and all this stuff happened,” Stone said, “and then I thought, is that karma? When you’re not nice bad things happen to you.”

Stone’s theory goes something like this: If China treated the Tibetans, and her buddy the Dali Lama better, then they wouldn’t have 65000 dead rotting under all that concrete.

You know I heard the same kind of thing about Aids, Hurricane Katrina, and 9/11.

Naturally Stone’s comments triggered an angry response. China’s largest cinema owner has vowed to boycott Sharon Stone films. Leaving many Asians visibly relieved. Basic Instinct 2 was shown in China recently and had audiences fleeing theaters in terror.

“I can forgive silly comment,” said Wang Li, “but I never get over Sharon Stone flashing old vagina. When she young, Sharon Stone hot. She could say, do anything. But now Sharon Stone old. She should keep clothes on, and shut fuck up.”

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About this time every year the men of Japan start getting dirty. No, not the kinky shit you’d normally expect from the Japanese. I’m talking about throwing on your best white thong and climbing into the muddy river dirty.

The Shinto mudslinging festival is called the Dairokuten-no-Hadaka Matsuri, or the naked festival for you philistines. Like bukkake, this is a sacred, spiritual ritual. The Shinto’s believe mud equals luck, and the muddier you get, the more luck you’ll have in the coming year.

Except for Japanese women, who spend much of their lives getting facialized, and washing muddy fundoshis.

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