Goodbye HummerAP – “Lagging sales of trucks and larger cars have caught General Motors by surprise.”

The news has been grim of late: GM asleep at the wheel, American corporations lured away like cheap whores, the dollar down on it’s knees, ass in the air, Americans reeling from the hellish drain of high fuel prices, and there’s nary a hybrid on the lot.

If only someone had seen this coming. There are whispers Barack Obama and his followers will slaughter a Hummer with the name “Bush” painted on its side, then dip their fists in motor oil and scream “death to Republicans.” It doesn’t matter if this is just the idle talk of stoned liberals. People say Barack Obama’s Muslim and black. So he’s surely capable of something like this. Read the rest of this entry »

George Bush has small has compiled an amusing collection of answers to the question that’s been looming on America’s front lawn like a flaming cross: What if Obama wins?

Will Barack Obama team up with the Clintons to steal all our white women? Or will it all go down as Andrew Crow suggests, and “unicorns will crap ice cream and pastries.”

No doubt Andrew’s a more keen observer of the American political scene than I. I’m really just hoping Obama won’t embarrass himself, a la George Bush, and boast to Vladimir Putin that he’s got a cock the size of a telephone pole.