Indian baby dropping ritualIn the U.S. an infant would never willingly jump naked from a tall building, unless, of course, it was fleeing a Michael Jackson sleepover. But in India the babies are all hardcore. They battle angry cobras, and make death defying leaps. It’s a wonder they don’t all grow up to be Indiana Jones.

They say these daring feats make Indian infants healthy and strong. I say if the Olympic committee ever adds snake wrestling, and falling off a building naked to the Olympic games, the Indians are going to kick some serious ass.

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two faced babyIn the Indian village of Saini Aunpura there’s a new diety in town, and she goes by the name of Lali. The village chief wants to build her a temple. Scores of locals pop in daily to kiss her feet

“She has brought fame to our village.” gushed a member of the village council.

They’re convinced Lali’s the reincarnation of the Hindu Goddess Durga. I’m convinced these poor bastards don’t know how to count. Goddess Durga had three eyes, and ten hands. Little Lali has 4 eyes, 2 hands, and an extra mouth.

“She drinks milk from both mouths at the same time,” said Sabir Ali, director of Saifi Hospital. That’s very good news indeed, if you’re a Bukkake porn star. But if you’re looking for work as a goddess you might want to go a different way.

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