Chhom Nimol of Dengue FeverIt’s been reported the feds tried to deport Chhom Nimol the sexy lead singer of Dengue Fever. It appears they thought Nimol was a Mexican who’d overstayed her visa.

It happens in America. One day you’re a hardworking Asian. The next a lazy Mexican. Nimol, a Cambodian immigrant, spent 22 days in detention.

“Jail was scary,” Nimol told L.A. Beat. “I was feeling afraid I was going to be sent back to my country.”

I’m on record as being against deporting Asian women. Put them to work in brothels. Then after five years, or whenever they start to look played, they can have their precious green cards. But deportation?

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“… the clothes that he wears, the way he comes his hair, he’s just that funky Blax-i-can”

Kemo the BlaxicanYou might remember Kemo the Blaxican from Delinquent Habits. Back in the day the group laid down a sick track called “Tres Delinquentes,” an eye-popping bong hit of old school mariachi and dark hip-hop.

Then Kemo, who calls himself Blaxican because he’s black and Mexican, took his bilingual act solo, releasing an album called “Simple Plan. The shit’s tight. As if Funk, Samba, Jazz, Salsa and Soul were all rolled into one big-ass joint.

Two songs really stand out, “La Receta” (sidebar), and “Nobody Likes” (below), which features the sexy and soulful Monica Ortiz. Grab the headphones give Kemo a taste after the leap … Read the rest of this entry »