Russian model/bodyguard Anna Loginova

By all accounts Russian Anna Loginova was a smart, tough woman. She modeled, knew Jujitsu, and carried a gun. She also ran a successful agency of female bodyguards, many of them trained by the KGB. Still, Loginova was only 29 when she died in a Moscow carjacking.

If I were to list all the ways a sexy model should snuff it, clinging to the door-handle of an overpriced SUV would not be high on that list. Had thieves been jacking Anna’s Porsche 911 G2, then perhaps her death would be easier to understand. But a fucking Porsche Cheyenne?

Better she had choked making a Russian porno, or been buggered to death by one of those Russian bears. According to Wikipedia, “the Cheyenne backseat and cargo area are small for its class.

Is this really where a hot bikini model should be making her last stand?

Fun fact: Porsche also designed the Nazi Tiger tank. Also implicated in the killing of Russians.

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